Sangeetha Arunkumar

Sangeetha Arunkumar


Sangeetha Arunkumar

Director, Asthithwa Health and Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

Entrepreneur | Holistic Practitioner | Spiritual Enthusiast

Sangeetha Arunkumar is a dynamic entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, and spiritual enthusiast with a rich handicraft business background. Additionally, as a co-founder of Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Resort, a dedicated volunteer at Satya Sai Hospital, a Reiki healer, and a lifelong seeker of spiritual wisdom, Sangeetha has made significant contributions to wellness, healthcare, and personal growth.

Sangeetha as a Entrepreneur

Coming from a family deeply rooted in the handicrafts business, Sangeetha has inherited a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. Moreover, her vision and keen business acumen were instrumental in the establishment and success of Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Resort. Furthermore, with her innate understanding of aesthetics and attention to detail, Sangeetha played a crucial role in creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends ancient healing traditions with modern comforts. 

Sangeetha as a Holistic Practitioner

Driven by a genuine desire to serve and uplift others, Sangeetha has dedicated much of her life to voluntary service at the Satya Sai Hospital, Whitefield, Bengaluru. Importantly, this experience exposed her to the power of compassion, healing, and holistic healthcare. Inspired by this experience, Sangeetha pursued training in Reiki, becoming a certified practitioner. Additionally, Sangeetha’s holistic approach to healing integrates various modalities, including Reiki, to facilitate balance, harmony, and inner transformation.

Sangeetha as a Spiritual Enthusiast

Sangeetha’s spiritual journey has been a lifelong pursuit. Moreover, her deep curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led her to explore various spiritual traditions, philosophies, and practices. Additionally, this exploration has expanded her perspectives and deepened her understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Sangeetha’s spiritual enthusiasm shines through in her interactions with others as she strives to uplift and inspire individuals on their spiritual paths. Importantly, she shares her insights and experiences, encouraging others to embrace their inner wisdom and live authentically.

Sangeetha’s passion for personal growth and well-being goes beyond her journey. Significantly, she actively engages in community initiatives, organizing workshops and awareness programs to promote holistic living and spiritual development. Additionally, her genuine care for others and ability to create a nurturing and supportive environment makes her a cherished guide and mentor for those seeking personal transformation.

Sangeetha’s multidimensional approach to entrepreneurship, holistic healing, and spirituality has touched the lives of many individuals. Moreover, through her ventures, voluntary service, and spiritual pursuits, she positively impacts the well-being and personal growth of others. Additionally, Sangeetha’s dedication, compassion, and commitment to authenticity inspire those around her, encouraging others to embark on their journeys of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Directors at Asthithwa Health and Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

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