Ramya MK

Ramya MK

Managing Director & CEO

Ramya MK

Managing Director & CEO: Asthithwa Health and Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

Founder: ‘Maya - The Reality Foundation’

Spiritual Guide | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Leadership Coach | Visionary Leader

Ramya MK is a visionary leader, spiritual guide, life coach, motivational speaker, and leadership coach. With a holistic approach that combines practical wisdom, deep intuition, and spiritual principles, Ramya has empowered numerous individuals. She helps individuals overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and lead lives of purpose, fulfillment, and success.

Ramya MK as a Spiritual Guide

Ramya’s journey as a spiritual guide began with her own profound personal transformation. Moreover, she has gained a deep understanding of the human experience and the connection between life’s multiple dimensions. With compassion and empathy, Ramya assists individuals in discovering their true selves, connecting with their inner wisdom, and finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Additionally, she guides meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, and other spiritual practices to help individuals cultivate inner peace, clarity, and spiritual growth.

Ramya MK as a Life Coach

As a life coach, Ramya is committed to helping individuals overcome obstacles, set and achieve meaningful goals, and create fulfilling lives. With a client-centered approach, she makes a safe and supportive environment that encourages self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth. Additionally, through powerful questioning, active listening, and insightful feedback, Ramya assists individuals in gaining clarity about their values, strengths, and aspirations. She collaborates with her clients to develop actionable strategies and provides ongoing support and accountability to ensure their progress and success.

Ramya MK as a Motivational Speaker

Ramya’s dynamic and inspiring presence on stage has made her a sought-after motivational speaker. She connects with diverse audiences and delivers impactful talks. Her speeches ignite passion, inspire positive change, and encourage personal and professional growth. Moreover, Ramya’s speeches are rooted in real-life experiences, infused with uplifting stories, and enriched with practical tools and strategies. Ramya speaks at conferences, corporate gatherings, and educational institutions. Her speeches leave the audience energized, motivated, and equipped with valuable insights for lasting transformation.

Ramya MK as a Leadership Coach

Recognizing the importance of effective leadership in driving personal and organizational success, Ramya also specializes in leadership coaching. She works with executives, managers, and emerging leaders to enhance leadership skills, expand influence, and foster high-performing teams. Through personalized coaching sessions, Ramya helps leaders deepen their self-awareness, develop their authentic leadership style, and master essential leadership competencies. Moreover, her coaching empowers leaders to inspire others, navigate complex challenges, and create positive and sustainable change.

‘Maya – The Reality Foundation’

Ramya MK is a visionary leader. She is the founder of ‘Maya – The Reality Foundation’ a non-governmental organization (NGO). The foundation’s mission is to empower individuals to reach their highest potential and to create a ripple effect of empowerment.
The foundation primarily focuses on women and children and centers its approach on providing holistic support, encompassing education, personality development, healthcare, and much more. Ramya has dedicated her life to fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and become catalysts for positive transformation.


As a multi-faceted professional, Ramya MK brings a unique blend of spirituality, personal development, and leadership expertise to her work. Additionally, her genuine commitment to the growth and well-being of each individual has made her a trusted and respected figure in her field. Furthermore, through individual coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements, Ramya continues to touch lives, transform perspectives, and facilitate profound personal and professional growth.

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