Girish Shenoy

Girish Shenoy


Girish Shenoy

Director, Asthithwa Health and Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

Spiritual Guide | Stress Management Coach | Parapsychologist

Girish Shenoy is a highly skilled and compassionate professional specializing in spiritual guidance, stress management coaching, and parapsychology. Additionally, Girish possesses a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and has extensive expertise in these areas. Moreover, he has dedicated his career to helping individuals navigate life’s challenges, find inner peace, and unlock their true potential through his services.

Girish Shenoy as a Spiritual Guide

Girish’s journey as a spiritual guide began with his own transformative experiences and a lifelong fascination with exploring the mysteries of the universe. Additionally, he draws inspiration from various spiritual traditions and philosophical teachings. Moreover, Girish utilizes his knowledge and insights. He guides individuals seeking a deeper connection with themselves and a greater understanding of the world. With empathy and intuition as his guiding principles, Girish assists individuals in finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives. Furthermore, he provides unwavering support to individuals on their path of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and the realization of their highest potential.

Girish Shenoy as a Stress Management Coach

Recognizing the detrimental effects of stress on overall well-being, Girish is also a skilled stress management coach. Moreover, he specializes in helping individuals develop effective strategies to reduce stress, enhance resilience, and cultivate a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Additionally, through personalized coaching sessions, Girish assists clients in identifying and addressing the root causes of stress. Furthermore, he empowers individuals with practical tools and techniques to manage stress effectively, improve mental well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Girish Shenoy as a Parapsychologist

With a keen interest in studying paranormal phenomena and exploring human consciousness, Girish has acquired expertise as a parapsychologist. Furthermore, he actively investigates and researches the unexplained aspects of human experience. These aspects include telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and near-death experiences. Moreover, Girish aims to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. He offers valuable insights into the nature of consciousness and the untapped potential of the human mind. Additionally, he provides consultations. He conducts experiments. He offers educational workshops. These help individuals understand and harness their innate psychic abilities.

Girish Shenoy is renowned for his compassionate and non-judgmental approach when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, he creates a safe and supportive space for personal exploration and growth, enabling clients to feel understood, valued, and empowered. Girish’s clients appreciate his ability to blend scientific knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and practical strategies. He addresses their unique needs and goals.

Girish is a sought-after professional. He positively impacts the lives of his clients. He guides them towards self-discovery, inner peace, and personal transformation. Whether through one-on-one coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements, Girish strives to inspire individuals to embrace their spiritual nature, effectively manage stress, and unlock their extraordinary potential.

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