About Asthithwa

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About Asthithwa Health and Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

Asthithwa provides holistic services that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We offer various services, including Ayurveda Treatments and therapies, Reiki Healing and classes, Meditation Classes, Spiritual Guidance, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Regression Therapy, Life Analysis and Assessment, Stress Management Workshops, and more. At Asthithwa, we aim to help individuals achieve balance and harmony by providing the tools and techniques to overcome challenges, manage stress, and live fulfilling lives.

Whether you seek physical healing, emotional support, or spiritual guidance, Asthithwa has an array of tools and techniques at its disposal to assist you in achieving your goals. Moreover, our dedicated team is committed to providing the necessary support and guidance throughout your journey. Our team of experienced practitioners provides personalized support and advice to assist you live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Asthithwa’s Vision

To help achieve and maintain the equilibrium of Body, Mind, and Soul

Asthithwa’s Mission

To value the gift of life, and to gift the value of life.


Trace the root cause of imbalance in human life, identify solutions, and empower people to live better.

Company Directors

  1. Ramya MK
  2. Arunkumar SK
  3. Girish Shenoy
  4. Sangeetha Arunkumar
  5. Dr. Madhuri Arunkumar

Services provided at Asthithwa

  1. Ayurveda Treatment and Therapies
  2. Reiki Healing
  3. Reiki Classes
  4. Basic Meditation Classes
  5. Advanced Meditation Classes
  6. Chakra Meditation Classes
  7. Spiritual Guidance
  8. Life Analysis and Assessment
  9. Life Coaching
  10. Stress Management Workshops for Corporates, Industries, and Institutions
  11. Hypnotherapy
  12. Regression Therapy